Partnership with Westcliff University California (USA)

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Partnership with Westcliff University California (USA)

Since its creation and thanks to the tremendous offerts of the team, the International School of Business (ISB) has been able to develop strategic and fruitful partnerships all over the world.

Successful and international collaborations enabled the ISB to boost its network by collaborating with areputable American University to enhance students’ learning and provide them with new great international experience.

Founded in 1993, Westcliff University California (USA) is a globally recognized university with a student body represented by 87 countries. Courses are taught synchronously both online and on-campus by committed and passionate professors who are recognized in their field.

Westcliff University has recognized the quality and seriousness of teaching at ISB and has trusted us by validating our training programs. This international cooperation aims to obtain a Double Degree for our students in the English-speaking program. Thus, our graduates will obtain the « American Bachelor » in addition to our diploma by the end of their training. Students would need to take 10 courses at Westcliff to top off and receive their degree in the US. Courses could be wrapped up online as well as on campus in the US.

Regarding the fees, it is less than half the price paid for an American diploma and finally the student will receive two diplomas (LBA degree from ISB and BBA degree from Westcliff University).