How to hire the right people

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How to hire the right people

 » Hiring is your most important task «  Steve Jobs

Hiring the right person for the right role is crucial and undeniable for the success and progress of your business.

Therefore, selecting a good fit for your business is not an easy task and should be well-studied.

Here are 4 steps to find the best candidate in no time:

1) Be clear about your vision

Clarity is power.

To recruit great profiles, you need to be clear about your company’s needs.

What are its values, its missions and its objective? What type of people fit in and could easily adapt to your company’s culture?

Looking for candidates with this big picture will make things easier for you.

2) Test the candidate

Job interviews should be well-thought and definitely not classic.

Behavior-based interviewing methods are highly effective as they enable the recruiter to gain a better insight into how vigorous, reliable and resourceful the candidate is when presented with a work situation or a scenario.

3) Look beyond the resume

Have you ever wondered if the best qualified candidates on papers may not be the perfect match for the job?

While focusing on experience, employers may miss out energetic and enthusiastic candidates who will excel at a job with a little coaching and training to foster their skills.

Younger employees bring energy to the workplace which boosts the atmosphere. Energy is contagious!

4) Do your research

Being the largest business-oriented networking website, LinkedIn is the new trend.

Checking candidates’ LinkedIn profiles gives you the opportunity to learn more about them, skim their skills, experience and interests. LinkedIn can be also a great place to select candidates and invite them for a job-interview.